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Tiffany Ragston

Tiffany Ragston

I am a travel agent who specializes in planning unforgettable destination weddings, group travel experiences and top of the line cruises with Royal Caribbean. I believe that travel is a magnificent experience and regardless of budget or lifestyle, the world is meant to be traveled by you! From small getaways to extended vacations, let’s plan your perfect trip today!

Throughout my time as a travel agent I have traveled extensively to Canada and Quebec has become one of my favorite destinations to explore. As an avid history enthusiast I can’t help but be taken by the beauty that surrounds this majestic city to our north. The picturesque walled city of “Old Quebec” is bursting at the seams with historical culture and is a fantastic option for an upcoming family getaway.

One of the best parts of being a travel agent is working on destination weddings and honeymoons. Being a specialist in group travel as well as gay/lesbian travel I am awarded with the great opportunity of helping couples plan one of the most memorable moments of their lives.

Whether working with a couple, group or family, the most important part of planning your upcoming vacation is that we create an itinerary that is full of experiences that are sure to create lasting memories. By working with a travel professional you will gain insight into the best resorts, possible group discounts and may even spark your interest into traveling somewhere you might not normally go.

So if you are looking to book your next family getaway or escape with your significant other on an exquisite Royal Caribbean cruise, I look forward to making this vacation the trip of a lifetime.

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